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Testimony of Thomas Lamson, a graduate of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Thomas Lamson graduated from CentraleSupelec’s Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in 2020 and is now a Software Development Engineer at SEABER, in France.

In this interview, Thomas talks about his year at CentraleSupélec and gives you an overview of what the Master of Science in AI looks like.

Why did you chose to take a Master of Science?

I had just finished my engineering studies with a double degree in innovation and entrepreneurship and needed to authenticate and develop skills related to IT development. The Master of Sience is a fairly short and intense course: a good way to learn about new technologies very quickly.

Why did you chose CentraleSupélec?

I did some research on the different Artificial Intelligence trainings that existed in France and abroad and applied to several schools. I was accepted into several schools but I chose CentraleSupéelc for its standing, its network and the quality of the speakers.

What is your job today?

I am a software development engineer in a company that does underwater robotics. My job is very versatile and that’s what I like the most: I do development, electronics, mechanics…

Do you have a favorite task at work?

Solving complex algorithmic issues and innovating by approaching problems that do not have satisfactory solutions on the market yet. This is my favorite task!

Personally, I find it important to work in projects with concrete visualization like robots or 3D previews.

Is there a course that you use in your everyday worklife?

The specificity of this training is to cover up and down the different fields of AI at the time of the training. We do not necessarily reuse every course but we have knowledge of everything that exists to be able to dig into it as and when we need it.

One course particularly marked me: « Foundation of AI » because it was very stimulating since it was in project mode. Plus, it allowed me to have a research internship before getting my first job!

Where do you see yoursef in 10 years?

In general, I want to continue working in a company that let’s me have a real impact on ongoing projects and which is – if possible – at the cutting-edge of technology in robotics and/or AI. Also, I am not saying no to an experience abroad.

How would you discribe this Master of Science in 3 words?

–          Intense: we cover a lot of subjects in a very short time

–          Cutting-edge technology: all speakers are industry professionals. All are at the cutting-edge of their field and make sure to incorporate the latest innovations into their courses

–          Creative: there are a lot of projects throughout the year and we are free to choose the subject we want to work on. It allows us to learn while working on a topic that we like and really speaks to us

What is your best memory at CentraleSupélec?

Group work sessions! We all got along very well in the promotion and I have fond memories of my year at CentraleSupélec.


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