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Our world today is undergoing unprecedented changes. The digital revolution, massive data and globalization are real revolutions that raise huge challenges and expectations for society.
Businesses are looking for high-level scientific professionals who are true «integrator-innovators», able to pool wide fields of expertise, generate new solutions, initiate and bring about change with a strong sense of ethics, responsibility and civic engagement, particularly in the face of social and environmental concerns.


Our program is unique in terms of curriculum since it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains of the society like ethics, internet of people, networks, logistics, and biomedical sciences.


  • Foundations
    - Foundations of Machine Learning
    - Foundations of optimization
    - Foundations of Artificial intelligence
    - Foundations of Deep Learning
    - Foundations of Decision modeling
    - Foundations of Big Data & AI programming languages & platforms
    - Foundations of Stochastic Optimization
    - Foundations of Ethical & Organisational Aspects
  • Electives
    - Theorical AI: At least 3 electives to choose
    Graphical Models
    Game Theory
    Multi-agent Systems
    Reinforcement learning
    Advanced Deep Learning
    Advanced Statistics
    Ensemble Learning
    Computational social choice
    Computer vision
    Medical Imaging
    Natural language processing
    Networks science analytics
     Predictive Maintenance


A minimum level in English is required: 850 on the TOEIC.

public concerned

You have graduated or will you graduate soon from a top university/school with a strong degree (Bachelor/M1) in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics;
You have little to no work experience.
You have a good level of English and would you like to study entirely in English.
You are looking to become an expert and a leader in AI.

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Assessment methods

Exams throughout the different modules
A professional thesis to write and present in front of a jury of experts


Teachers and teacher- researchers interacting with its international network

Foreign partner universities


Worldwide for employer reputation

In the world for institutions under 50 years of age

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Cynthia Bonnet
Conseillère formation programmes Mastère Spécialisé®

+33(0) 1 75 31 67 87

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Our program is unique in terms of curriculum: it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains like natural language processing, visual computing, internet and retail. Our end-to-end from theory to practice program entirely offered in English with outstanding quality of classes and instructors offers you a unique opportunity of excellence in terms of curriculum towards becoming an artificial intelligence architect and amazing career perspectives in the hottest discipline of this century.

Vincent Mousseau,
Head of the program

As a French person, I was well aware of the reputation of CentraleSupelec. It is one of the best schools in France. Among that, the description of the course interested me a lot : Most schools that have AI programs are focused on Machine and Deep Learning but AI is not only about that. There are plenty of issues that exist in AI that Deep Learning would not solve. I would describe the MSc AI of CentraleSupélec as : - Demanding : the program is short and intense - Gobal : we study a lot of different fields in depth - Balanced : we did both research opportunities and application

Louis De Vitry,
Computer Vision Research Engineer at TheraPanacea

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Becoming an artificial intelligence architect in the hottest discipline of this century

Reference :
Price :
20 000€ including 2.000€ deposit
  • More dates
  • 400 heures
  • Campus Paris-Saclay (Gif-sur-Yvette)

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